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One Tree Planted

Through our website you can plant a tree with One Tree Planted for as little as $1/80p! We are proud to support this amazing non-profit organisation that is on a mission to restore forests on a global scale.

One Tree Planted restores forests in the wake of wildfires; repairs damage caused by industry and resource extraction and is helping to rebuild the habitats of critically endangered species. Last year they raised enough to plant 5 million trees across 18 countries and are aiming for 10 million this year! How it works is they allocate donations quarterly based on planting seasons around the world and these donations go towards specific replanting projects, meaning every donation counts towards each project.

One Tree Planted are helping to raise awareness of the importance of trees in our ecosystem. Without trees, it would directly impact our air, water, biodiversity, job security, health and climate.


Trees work as the lungs of our planet, by filtering and cleaning the air from pollutant gases such as carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide whilst collecting smoke and dust particles. They absorb these harmful pollutants and release clean and safe oxygen for us all to breathe.


The structures of trees prevent natural disasters such as landslides and floods. By capturing rainwater with leaves and absorbing moisture from the ground with their intricate roots, they prevent over-saturation and flooding.


Forests are home to millions of species, from animals, insects, plants and fungi and without these habitats, species risk becoming endangered or extinct. By replanting forests, it supplies these species with a habitat that they can thrive in.

Social Impact

Trees are the base of many people’s livelihoods. Loggers, researchers and arborists rely directly on trees for income, as well as companies relying on the resource’s trees provide. From paper companies, furniture and construction companies to wooden toy companies – they all rely on the wood! Fruit trees also supply a source of income as well as a source of nutrition for the local habitants.


By having these incredible forests to explore, it encourages people to be more active, improving physical wellbeing as well as mental wellbeing. Having the opportunity to reconnect with nature provides a calming environment for people to unwind and destress.


With climates across the world reaching record breaking highs, trees are needed now more than ever. Their ability to absorb greenhouse gases and emissions can keep cities cooler by up to 8 degrees Celsius!

To find out more about One Tree Planted and the brilliant work they do, head over to their website here. If you would like to plant a tree for as less than a takeaway coffee, click here.


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