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Spookily Simple, Happy Halloween Craft Activities for Kids

spooky stacking veggies

When is Halloween and why is it celebrated?

Halloween, the spookiest night of the year, is almost upon us. Celebrated annually on the 31st of October, did you know that the origins of this frightful festival actually date all the way back to Celtic times?

A popular event to mark the end of summer and the beginning of a new year in the Celtic calendar, people would carve lanterns, light bonfires and dress up to ward off unwanted ghosts.

Get your little ghoul gang into the ‘spirit’ of the occasion and celebrate spooky season with these cute Halloween craft activities, perfect for toddlers, pre-schoolers and beyond.

Halloween Craft 1 – Spooky Hand Stamping

This creepy craft makes for some howling good fun. It’s super easy and effective plus, as an added bonus, it’s a great aid for practicing dexterity and fine motor skills too.

You Will Need:

- Child Safe Paints (in a variety of colours)

- Paper or card - Colouring pens

- Mini paint roller or paintbrush

Ready, Get Set, Spook

1. Before you begin, place a protective cover over the table or surface you are crafting on.

2. Set up your activity station with your paints. paper and roller or paintbrush.

3. Roll or brush some paint over your little one's hand until it is completely covered.

4. Get them to stamp their handprint onto the paper. Have fun experimenting with patterns – turn it into a friendly Frankenstein or try two hands together to create a spooky spider shape (as shown)

5. Leave them to dry.

6. Take some pens and draw on the details.

7. Display your cute creations or why not cut them out and stick them up as Halloween décor.

halloween activities hand stamping

Halloween Craft 2 – Apple Stamping

A variation of the above activity, this wickedly wonderful craft uses an apple half as a super effective stamp for creating all their magical masterpieces.

You Will Need:

- Half an apple

- Child Safe Paints (in a variety of colours)

- Paper or card

- Colouring pens

- Mini paint roller or paintbrush

Ready, Get Set, Spook

1. Cut an apple in half (this is most definitely an adult only activity)

2. Set up your crafting station with the paints, paper and roller/paintbrush.

3. Take your paint and roll or brush it over the entire flat surface of the apple.

4. Stamp the apple onto the paper. Leave to dry.

5. Take the colouring pens and add cute details to bring your characters to life. Take a peek below for some inspiration.

halloween activities hand stamping

Halloween Craft 3 - Pumpkin Carving Template

Creepy crafters will go wild for this cute, custom carving activity – perfect for the whole family to enjoy in the run up to the celebrations.

Choose from our spellbinding collection of animal designs, featuring a howling wolf, jumping frog, fierce fox, haunting owl and fiendish cat.

Free Printables This Way.

You Will Need:

- A pumpkin/s

- Child safe/friendly carving tools (supermarkets are a good bet)

- Printer

- Paper

- Child safe scissors

- Marker pen

Get Spooky…

Note: It goes without saying that adult supervision is required, especially where any tools are involved.

1. Download and print your free custom template.

2. Take your template and carefully cut out the pattern. Older children may wish to have a go at this using child safe scissors, fully supervised by an adult of course. For younger folk, this is a grown-ups job only.

3. Trace round the pattern directly onto the pumpkin using a marker pen.

4. Cut off the top of the pumpkin to make a ‘lid’ then Scoop out all the flesh until it is hollow inside – encourage little ones to roll up their sleeves and get stuck in.

5. Use the serrated tool to carve out all the parts of the pumpkin pattern, then pop them out (again, this will be sharp so best left to adults).

6. Place an LED tealight into the centre of the pumpkin and replace the lid.

7. Display your Jack ’O Lantern at the front door to make a haunted house entrance to welcome mini trick or treaters.

Idea: If pumpkin carving is not your bag, simply leave it whole and paint the outside, using an array of colours and patterns - for a strikingly effective look.

halloween activities pumpkin carving templates

Terrifyingly Tempting Toys

If you’re on the lookout for the perfect toy to help celebrate spooky season, then the Barbarossa Pirate Ship makes a hauntingly good choice. Set sail for mystical adventures with this impressive toy, for guaranteed, ghoulishly good fun. Jam packed with interactive features, including a crow’s-nest, ‘walk-the-plank, wind-up anchor, trapdoor, rear opening stern and a firing cannon with cannonballs! Mini monsters will adore this spooktacular set up, crafted from sustainable wood and complete with glow in the dark skull and crossbones detailing – booooo!


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