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6 Tips To Reduce Single Use Plastic

We are starting to see the negative impact of using plastic on a global scale. Steps in the right direction are being made; plastic straws, plastic drink stirrers and plastic cotton buds will be banned in the UK from 2020, but we believe we can do much more. At Le Toy Van we are incorporating sustainable habits into our everyday life to work towards our plastic-free ambition. Here are some tips on how you can get involved:

The Reusable Bag

Taking reusable bags out with you shopping offers a stronger alternative to plastic bags and stops you from buying and wasting plastic bags. Many supermarkets tend to sell these near the checkouts, we recommend leaving one in your bag so you never forget it. Since the 5p charge on plastic bags has been introduced, plastic bag use has dropped by 90%! At Le Toy Van we believe it’s easier to pick up habits from a young age, that’s why we incorporated a fabric shopping bag with our wooden Shopping Trolley, encouraging eco-friendly habits to become second nature.

Water Flask

By carrying a water flask around with you, you will help save the planet and save money by refilling it on the go rather than buying and chucking plastic bottles. There are many bottle brands in different sizes that will insulate flasks both ways, keeping water cool for 24 hours, and hot for 12. Gone are the days of the standard silver flask – there are now many unique and colourful designs on the market making them great gifts!

Shop Local

Greengrocers, bakers, butchers and fishmongers are more likely to have loose items that can be packaged or wrapped in alternatives, rather than buying pre-packaged items with excessive plastic wrapping.  As individuals, our buying habits have a huge knock-on effect; by buying products with plastic we are creating a demand.  Our Market Crates carry a selection of ‘fresh’ food in wooden crates, lined with paper to wrap your order in. We hope these toys inspire children to buy local produce when they grow up and demonstrate an alternative to buying plastic-wrapped goods.

Grow Your Own

Another alternative is growing your own vegetables. No garden? No problem. People are often surprised to find out a large range of veg can be grown indoors including tomatoes, chillies, carrots and radishes. Our Stacking Veggies make vegetables child-friendly and encourage your little ones to eat and grow their greens, planting the seed of sustainability at a young age.

Find Alternatives

Using single-use plastic such as cling film is very tempting especially when it comes to sealing food, but there are now innovative alternatives out there such as beeswax covers which are reusable and made from natural materials.

And of course…

Wooden toys

By offering a sustainably produced and ethically hand made Le Toy Van toy to your little one you are investing in sustainable play that lasts for generations to come.

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