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Top Tips For Staying At Home

For many working parents, this is the longest period that they will be staying in with their little ones. This time is a great opportunity to spend time with loved ones, but naturally the idea of keeping children entertained can seem very daunting. That’s why we’ve put together a little guide for parents out there trying to keep children active whilst staying at home and the good news is, it won’t cost a penny!

garden exploring

Garden Exploring

Now we are finally getting a bit of sun, many parents lucky enough to have a garden are eager to get out there and get organised. By showing children their step by step processes and allowing them to help with planting and watering, you will create memories whilst sparking an interest in growing their own plants one day. Gardening is great for physical and mental wellbeing as well as bringing a sense of accomplishment. If you don’t have a garden of your own, then perhaps use your daily exercise to walk around your neighbourhood and try and identify the wildlife and plants you see!

drawing colouring

Drawing & Colouring Sheets

You may have come across pictures of hand drawn rainbows in windows recently. Children all around the world have been creating these to uplift and bring hope to people passing by. When face to face communication is limited, it is a brilliant way to get children to interact and stay positive. On our website we have a selection of colouring sheets available for free, and we have created a rainbow template especially for children to print out, colour in and hang up. Explore our collection of colouring sheets featuring under the sea creatures, woodland animals, markets and a variety of tasty food. Don’t forget to share your creations with us @letoyvantoys.



During a stressful time filled with lots of uncertainty, everyone needs their own way to wind down and destress. Play time can be therapeutic for children as it is an effective way for them to express themselves, let off steam and channel their energy. The many educational values of play allow children to have fun whilst learning and building skills.


Spoil Your Pet (even if you don’t have one!)

The Blue Cross is running a competition for Key Stage 2 pupils to draw their pet as superheroes and explain why they’re the best in the world! Even if you don’t have a four-legged friend yourself, animal lovers can still enter with their dream pet drawings. Head over to Blue Cross to find out more, entries close on Friday 15th May. Pet lovers can also spend their free time at home creating a handmade toy for their pets. There are loads of different tutorials online that use scrap materials so it’s super accessible.

craft project

Start a Project

Setting a crafty project for children to work on can give them a sense of purpose and achievement when completed. These projects can be anything from making a wooden spoon puppet, an Easter bonnet, to creating homemade cards for relatives and friends they are missing during this time. You can dig out existing materials from around the house and encourage children to get creative.

treasure hunt

Make a Treasure Hunt

If you want to bring some excitement and a challenge to your child’s day, then set up a treasure hunt. You can create your own personal clues or follow this great guide here. We love this treasure hunt by The Spruce as the clues are fun riddles which are simple enough for children to decode.

baking at home

Inspire the Budding Baker

If you are struggling to navigate home schooling, then giving your children an insensitive to get on with work can be effective. By setting a weekly target then promising to bake or cook something special together may encourage children to work harder, not to mention introducing them to a new skill and hobby.

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